Nursing Education

Nursing personnel, a front-line health care provider working directly with individuals, their families and their community, play an important and vital role in health care delivery system. Their role and significance has grown immensely with the introduction of the primary health care approach and modernization of health care system. As education is the key to development of nursing practice, and the demands of the Nurses are still there not only in our State, but also all over the country. So, nursing education is still an urge in our State.

The basic programme of nursing education exist in our State are General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) programme and Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (revised) i.e. Multi Purpose Health Worker training. For post-certificate Diploma, Basic B.Sc., Post-Basic B.Sc. and M.Sc. Nursing Degree the selected candidates are going out side the State for training.

In Tripura State the following facilities are available for Nursing Education.

1. GNM Course
This is a 3 and ½ year (three years and six moths)course which is being conducted by 2 (two) Institutes in the State namely (i) Nurses Training Institute, G.B.Hospital, Agartala and (ii) Dr.B.R.A.M. Nurses Training Institute, Agartala.

2. Nurses Training Institute, G.B. Hospital
This Institute is exclusively for female candidates. The annual intake capacity is 50 and admission take place only once in a year, which can be either in January or in June session.

The minimum qualification for admission is H.S.(+2) with any stream ), and the age limit is between 18 – 30 years. The candidate should be un-married and medically fit.

Dr. B. R. A. M. Training Institute (Male) There is another school where only male Nurse students are getting training. This school is totally sponsored by Government of India for five years, which was started onJune, 2000. So, after 5 years it will came under the administration of State Government. The annual intake capacity of this School is 20. The admission systems, examination system all are similar to Nurses training Institute, G.B. Hospital.

Another one Nurses Training Institute namely Institute of Nursing Science,Durjoynagar Agartala is also affiliated by Tripura Nursing Council for GNM Course,which is runned by Agartala Hospital and Reserch Institute and Private Ltd..It is also exclusively for female candidate. Annual intake capacity is 30 per year.

3. ANM (Revised) Course
ANM (Revised) is 18 months duration course, which is mainly community oriented course. The course is presently being conducted at 2 places, namely (i) ANM (Revised) Training Institute at T.S. Hospital, Udaipur and (ii) ANM (Revised) Training Institute at R.G.M. Hospital, Kailashahar. Each Institute have annual intake capacity is 25 students. The minimum qualification for admission to ANM ® course is Madhyamik passed. Other eligibility conditions are similar to GNM course. Examination system is also similar. On successful completion of the course, the successful candidates are given certificate as Registered ANM by Tripura Nursing Council. Basic BSc Nursing course also conducted by the Tripura College of Nursing,a public private partnership Institut situated at Haphania . This intake capacity of this Institute is 60 per year.

Tripura Nursing Council
In our State, Tripura Nursing Council Act,1986 received assent of the State Government in August,1987 and Tripura Nursing Council was formed.Above mentioned Training Centers are recognized by Tripura Nursing Council. Examinations are also conducted by Tripura Nursing Council, which is affiliated by Indian Nursing Council. Successful candidates are awarded diploma certificate/certificate .Successful candidates are registered under Tripura Nursing Council and registered as a RNRM /ANM. The Tripura Nursing Council only follow the syllabus of Nursing Couses which is prepared curricullam and common syllabus for Nursing Educational Courses.